There is a saying in Germany that says when you stop working you will be in residuum ( Stillstand ist Rückstand) and we work according to this motto. We are happy to announce a new era in eyelash extensions. The start of light-curing adhesives in the eyelash area has begun. Our adhesive was developed in one of the best laboratories in Europe and is also produced there.

What does free solo mean? This term comes from climbing and means climbing alone and without additional stress like securing. That was also our claim for this new adhesive method. We didn't want to put any additional strain on your tools or your hands. The ergonomic aspect played an important role for us in the development of the light source. With our light curing system, gluing is possible as usual. Our FREE SOLO light source is independent and is placed next to the working area and adjusted accordingly.


What are the advantages of an LED light curing system?

Immediate curing of the adhesive through contact with the light source.

As a result of the immediate hardening, there are no vapors in the eye during all work processes and therefore not in the stylist's direct field of work.

To be independent from humidity

Very thin bonds through special hardening.

The drop of glue stays for hours and can be reactivated again and again.

A glue that suits every work speed and work environment.

The glue stays exactly in place, no crawling or spreading.

Our LED adhesive is black to enable you to work as usual, clear light-curing adhesives tend to turn yellow due to UV in daily life

Important information about the light source

To develop a light-curing adhesive you need great laboratories that dare to go new ways, we have them.

The subject of light in this combination was a completely new field for us too. We had to develop a lighting system for ourselves. It started with the basic ideas of how I imagine an optimal way of working, I have translated this into a drawing. A prototype was developed from this drawing. The light must also match the glue to activate it. These technical data could all be implemented.

We work in a very sensitive region and of course we will have to guarantee security. For this reason, we have brought more experts into our boat who specialize in light and its effects. There are also classifications and limits in this area. What I learned is that light is not the same as light. We go many additional ways to give you and your customers the security you need.

Like all of our projects, we approached this with a lot of respect and responsibility.

As always we want to offer you a whole system, which in addition to the adhesive and the light source also includes some more products.

We will present our prototype to you at Beauty Düsseldorf, which will then be optimized a little and afterwards goes into production. Of course we will have all necessary certificates such as CE, safety assessment etc. for you.

Your security is the one that you can give your customers for new ways.

Training courses are planned from around May / June on. Training for this system is essential to ensure safe and professional handling. The system will not be sold without training. We will also list all certified studios for end customers.